iPad Use Guidelines for Students

Yarmouth Elementary School


Belief Statement: The Yarmouth School Department provides technology, networks, and Internet access to support the educational mission of the schools and to enhance teaching and learning opportunities for students and school staff.

  • Student use of Yarmouth Elementary computers, tablets, networks and Internet services is a privilege, not a right.

  • Teachers at Yarmouth Elementary School monitor technology and Internet activity by students, and students are expected to follow all access rules.

  • Unacceptable use or activity may result in a change in access to technology by a student.

Student agreements (filled in and signed each fall by YES students):

I agree to...

  1. ...use only the iPad assigned to me.

  2. ...use my iPad to learn about or complete school assignments.

  3. ...use only the apps and websites that my teacher and school have approved.  

  4. ...use the Internet only with teacher supervision.

  5. ...only look for information on the Internet that is school-related.

  6. ...keep my iPad away from water or food.

  7. ...use good manners when using my iPad.  This includes:

    1. Being polite when writing.

    2. Using only my own password when logging onto any online account.

  8. ...let a teacher know if anything happens that seems dangerous, inappropriate or makes me feel uncomfortable when I am using any technology.

  9. ...take responsibility for all that I do while using technology equipment and resources, including charging my iPad when needed.

  10. ...lose my technology privileges and there may be other consequences if I do not follow these rules.


Student signature: ___________________________________________________


I have read and reviewed these guidelines with my student.


Parent signature: ____________________________________________________