Week 1
  • Introductions Activity - Names and favorite ____
  • Earlier this school year all students at YES participated in the Hour of Code project during the week of December 5-9. This website is a rich source for resources on learning to code.
  • In order to understand the idea of "algorithms" as a basis for code we used a graph paper programming activity from code.org.
  • Each participant has a login to a course in the Beyond One Hour resources, with the option of continuing at home between classes.
Week 2
4:30 Time to share projects

Week 3
  • Getting started with Scratch Videos - click on Introductory Tutorials to see some tips for getting started in Scratch
  • 4:30 Time to share projects
      Week 4
      • Continue with Beyond One Hour using your login name and password from the first session:
    • Scratch continued (see Week 3)
    • Snap Circuits
    • iPad  and Android Apps - Kodable, Beebot, HopscotchThe Foos
    • Also, any of the choices on the  YES Hour of Code

    • 4:30 Time to share projects

      Week 5
      • Using Hopscotch - work along with the video
      • Code.org - Pixelation 
        • https://studio.code.org/s/pixelation- click Try Now for Tutorials for each lesson
      • Erase the Kittens
      • Continue to design & create, use any of the earlier weeks or create your own game in the Play Lab:
        • https://code.org/playlab