Creativity & Design

Session 1:
Download Lego Digital Designer -

PBS Kids Lab -

 Session 2:
Work on the Wedo Lego Kits in the Lab (click to see a video of this program)

Learn Styx programming for animations
Click on the icon to see the Download page for Stykz
 Session 3:
Download the Scratch program - 
To learn more about Scratch:

Cyberchase Inventor's Workshop - 
 Sessions 4 & 5:
Take photos using digital cameras. Students may use either Animoto or PhotoPeach to create a video of the photos.

Animoto for Education
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Password: ask Mrs. W


Sign in: yes2012
Password: ask Mrs. W

Download the Skitch program at home (mobile app too) - 
Drawing, snapshots and more.

Design a Comic Website -